One of the secrets to making your website successful is to ensure it’s as user friendly as possible. Before you can achieve this, you have to understand what makes a site have these features. If people find your site engaging and easy to use, then that’s a potent one-two punch. Don’t be afraid to try out different variations so you can discover what works the very best.

Now that you know just a little bit, keep on going with this article and beyond because it’s a huge topic.

Only use fonts that are known to be easy on the eyes and those in which people tend to read in the news. Safe fonts are those like Verdana and Ariel sans serifs, and actually this is a good area for you to research and gain some knowledge. You also want to be careful that you do not have a lot of variations in terms of fonts used. If you use too many fonts, then it can look very distracting unless you choose very well. If this is your first business blog, then there’s no need to try and get fancy about it.

With your business blog design, or the theme, you can do well with the minimum just as long as it’s clean. What you’re going for is something that is not distracting in any way. You can find inspiration all over the web and see what others do, but make sure you’re looking at sites that are doing well. But you need to understand the people in your demographics so you will have a better idea of what matters most to them. There are far more critical concerns on your site than how great it looks to the eye.

It’s too easy to make writing mistakes either in your content or in other areas. Your side columns are just one of these areas. You are going to have all sorts of special offers and opt-in boxes for list building that are going to need to be sold themselves. This means that the copy you publish for them has to be as effective as possible. Avoid making the same mistakes that every other website owner makes, like just slapping up any old opt-in box and eBook graphic. This is something that most people are so used to seeing that they tune them out. You can place a smaller box in the side column with smaller font copy and an email field. Make sure your copy is compelling and different and that your font isn’t too small. A site that is user friendly will always beat out one that is not. You can send all the wrong traffic to a well optimized site and still make zero cash. You need to get many things right aside from this issue, so it’s not a silver bullet.